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Coach Profile

Brandon Adames

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Program Instructor, Long Island

Brandon Adames

About Brandon

Years Training: 11
Primary School/Instructor: Steve Kardian and Phil Migliarese
Belt Level: 1st Degree Black Belt
Favorite Technique: Leg Locks, Heel Hooks, Ankle Locks and Knee Bars
Classes Taught: Youth BJJ Gi, Adult BJJ Gi & No Gi
Why do you love BJJ? I started training in Chinese martial arts when I was in middle school and I wrestled in high school. After watching Royce Gracie demonstrate the effectiveness of Brazilian jiu-jitsu in the UFC®, I began training and I was hooked immediately. It tied in perfectly with my wrestling background.
Why do you Teach? I can proudly say that I can earn a living by passing my knowledge of jiu-jitsu to a group of very enthusiastic students here at UFC GYM Long Island.
Additional Information: Worked as a referee for Grappler's Quest, Five Grappling, ACOM Sports and Tap Out Cancer competitions.


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