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Coach Profile

Alexandre Pacheco Novaes

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Program Head Instructor, Torrance

Alexandre Pacheco Novaes

About Alexandre Pacheco

Years Training: 30
Years Teaching: 24
Primary School/Instructor: Jorge Pereira and Rickson Gracie
Belt Level: 4th Degree Black Belt
Favorite Technique: Passing the Guard; known for having a strong top game
Classes Taught: Youth BJJ Gi & No Gi, Adult BJJ Gi & No Gi, Women's Self Defense Gi
Why do you love BJJ? I love BJJ because it's a great martial art; it's very efficient and provides a great lifestyle that focuses on health and strength. It also transmits confidence and focus in life.
Why do you Teach? I like to share my knowledge about BJJ and I love to help form great athletes.
Additional Information: 2010 American National Champion, CA; 2009 American National Champion, CA; 2008 World No Gi Championship (2nd), CA; 2003 National Championship (2nd), CA; 2003 BJJ Super Fight Champion, CA; 2003 Rio de Janeiro State Championship (2nd), Brazil.


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