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Mat Rules

  • Bow to the center of the mat when you enter and exit.
  • Class begins with students lining up and giving a formal bow to the instructor.
  • Keep uniform clean and neat at all times.
  • Gi classes require the UFC GYM® BJJ gi top & bottom with earned belt level.
  • The BJJ belt is a materialization of your progress and must be kept on.
  • No-Gi classes require the rash guard or t-shirt & pants or shorts to be the same color.
  • Ask for permission if you need to leave the mat or class early.
  • Keep talking to a minimum level; conversation should relate to the class subject.
  • Stay focused on the instructor.
  • Respectfully sit while the instructor is explaining or demonstrating concepts and techniques.
  • No belching on or off the mat.
  • Keep finger & toe nails short for everyone’s safety.
  • All jewelry and piercings should be removed before beginning your training.
  • No shoes, food or drink are allowed on the mat.
  • Cell phones should not be used during class.


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